While many artists acknowledge their parents as key factors in their lives, guitarist and songwriter Mike Torres has even more reason to do so as they produced a son who looks like Carlos Santana! Coming from a long line of musicians, Torres has been mastering his guitar skills ever since his father began teaching him at age seven.

Torres’ lengthy credits include performing with such artists as Michael McDonald, Al DiMeola, Spyro Gyra and the The Miracles; recording his own album of percussive rhythms and captivating, melodic tapestries (Primero); and dates at Las Vegas hotel-casinos and popular venues throughout the Southwest.
Some of this versatile and accomplished guitarist’s latest efforts have resulted in a tribute to one of his guitar heroes - the legendary Santana. Torres’ new show, Evil Waze, captures the maestro’s magic and his own interpretations plumb the depths of the music’s very soul. It channels memories of Santana’s live performances with such classics as Black Magic Woman, Oye Como Va, Europa and much more.

Two years ago, Arizona State University bestowed on Torres the high honors of performing with the ASU marching band at half time during a regular season game. As the 70,000 cheering fans gazed upon him in awe at the uncanny resemblance to the Rock and Roll hall of famer, some actually believed it truly was Santana wailing on the guitar. He did such an amazing job that the ASU music department has asked him to perform once again for an upcoming game.

Today, back by popular demand, KOKOMO reunites after a 5-year hiatus. Better than ever, Mike and Roger are once again taking the local Phoenix scene by storm with their eclectic mix of Pop, Rock, R&B and Latin.


Roger Enrico has played with members of Santana, The Coasters, The Drifters, Tierra, Azteca, Jan & Dean, and Keith Carradine. He has also recorded with El Chicano and many others. Roger, also known as "Conga Man", is charismatic, talented and incredibly versatile. He has become one of the hardest working musicians in Phoenix. Although he plays a variety of different musical instruments such as trumpet, harmonica, and flute, he is most respected for his dynamic vocal abilities and fiery percussion chops. In addition, he is a prolific songwriter who has recorded more than twelve CDs. He currently performs as a solo act locally in the Phoenix area. Roger can also be seen as part of the popular Phoenix-based duo, Kokomo (with guitarist Mike Torres), performing throughout the Southwestern U.S.